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AETAS has spent decades curating relationships with the most cost-effective sources and manufacturing partners.

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Why choose metal?

Metal is a go-to material when you need to run production on parts that need to be malleable, ductile, durable, conductive, or lustrous. The metal industry itself has changed in the last few decades, but it’s broad application across a diverse customer base has only grown, with no signs of slowing. Metal working abilities vary from shop to shop, but the goal should be to find a one-stop (or few-stop) fabrication partner to handle everything from the most basic functions to your more advanced needs.

machine tool in metal factory with drilling cnc machines

At AETAS, we’ve spent over a decade developing relationships with a small network of metal professionals we work closely with on a day-to-day basis. We’ve closely considered the capabilities, knowledge, quality, and cost of everyone we call a partner and how they fit in our fabrication network. Some concentrate on higher-volume low-cost, easier to run parts and others on smaller-production, more complex, custom pieces, and all can quickly adjust to output changes, revisions, and customization needs.

Benefits of Metal

Metals We Work With


Stainless Steel




We run most common metal production processes:

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