AETAS - Your One-Stop
turn-key sourcing Solution

We oversee the manufacturing, quality control, and logistics for startups, small, and middle-sized businesses looking to build reputable, quality supply chains in Asia.

With the AETAS Network, decades of strategic partners and relationships are at your disposal.


Your Direct Line to Asia

With factories and offices based in Zhejiang, AETAS requires no middle-man to negotiate the most competitive pricing and terms.

  • Capable presence in China

  • Handle project from production to delivery

  • Wholly owned Cixi factory

Superior customer service

Based in America

Contact any of our U.S.-based team during your standard working hours, without the need for a translator.

  • Bi-lingual domestic staff

  • Serve all industries and levels of business

  • Ability to travel to vendors directly overseas

Serving All Business Levels

Start Ups

Make finding a reputable, trusted manufacturer one less thing to worry about so you can focus on scaling your business and getting your product in front of new eyes.

First-Time Sourcers

There is more here than just helping your bottom line. AETAS Corporation can help you establish a competitive advantage with a long-term, reliable manufacturing partner. We mitigate the risks by overseeing all aspects of QC and door-to-door delivery. Let AETAS do the heavy lifting – negotiating, vetting, managing operations- so you don’t have to. 

Current Domestic Sourcers

You may already know the asset that an overseas manufacturer is and just want to improve on your margins. Or your current overseas supplier may be having issues delivering on time, communicating, or delivering quality products. AETAS can help here too.


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