Sampling / Prototyping


Sampling is an important step in both the launch of a new product or moving your existing one to a new supplier.  Prior any mass-production run, AETAS will provide quality samples to:
  • Approve materials that will be used in production.
  • Verify the manufactures ability to make the product as intended at the agreed cost.
  • Verify that the chosen manufacturing method is sound for 
  • Confirm fit, measurements, and tolerances.


Do you have a product you want to bring to market?  Prototyping is the critical first step to getting it there. AETAS works with designers and engineers to get you a proof of design, highly-functional prototype you can use to:
  • Get immediate feedback from customers and 
  • Identify obvious design flaws early on.
  • Reduce wasted time in the production process and expensive tooling modifications.
  • Utilize as a reference with your team.
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