Sourcing & Manufacturing Textiles

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AETAS has spent decades curating relationships with the most cost-effective sources and manufacturing partners.

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The cornerstone of our business

Textiles have become a cornerstone of our business – so much so that we invested in our own factory in the Cixi area of China, specializing in textile products. In doing so, we’ve developed a seamless supply chain, allowing us to control costs, reduce risk, and improve customer service and communication. For more than a decade, AETAS has been a dependable supplier of both FDA and non-FDA textiles, with a proficiency in medical soft goods. Our capacities include the following:

Our textile capacities include:

Fibers We Work With


Cotton, linen, hemp, etc.


Wool, silk, leather, etc


Rayon, etc.


(polyester, polyamide, polyacrylic, aramid, etc.

Our Processes & Capacities

  • Pre-Treatment

  • De-Sizing

  • Scouring

  • Bleaching

  • Mercerizing

  • Carbonizing

  • Dyeing

  • Printing

  • Softening/stiffening

  • Anti-Pilling

  • Anti-static treating

  • Water/Oil/Soil-repelling

  • Flame retarding

  • Coating (protective)

  • Laminatng

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