While the benefits of strategic sourcing and international business are plenty, for the inexperienced the risk is just as abundant. AETAS provides significant international business experience and relationships to ease the transition of your idea or product into the international forum.

Specializing in aiding small to medium sized companies, AETAS is able to provide complete solutions from product design to manufacture and logistics operations.

Our experience is diverse. Our range is distinct. Our staff has, combined, over 80 years of international trade and import/export experience that bookend expertise in operations, business development, strategy formulation and implementation, sourcing, engineering, quality management, supply-chain management, finance, communications, and variable other facets.

  • International Logistics Management

  • Product Development

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Resource Networking

Whether you’re an individual inventors or a corporate entity, AETAS bridges the gap between human and business culture. The network needed to represent your vision to the right suppliers, manufacturers, and associates and bring your project the success that you envision is here.

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